Wednesday, March 28, 2012 | By: Kimmi

In Which A Problem is Identified and a Solution Suggested

This is becoming a problem. My life is. My life is becoming a problem.
That sounds amazingly dramatic don’t you think? Ah well let’s face it I am dramatic, it’s okay I can live with it.
What was I saying?
Ah yes, my life is becoming a problem.
I am stressed. I spend a lot of time worrying about things that I am not getting done while trying to get other things done. Ergo I manage to not get anything done and fall into a pit of “I am a useless person/bride”. It’s not just wedding things I am failing at it seems but also things in my daily life. I worry about the fact I am not writing as much, I worry that my blog is falling off the face of the earth because the old one is now lost and gone due to a virus and the new one has not been properly promoted to get me back in my blogging community that I miss. I worry about getting my house in order, budgeting, and in general being a good wife once the wedding is over.  See? I told you it was a problem!
So what to do? Well my plan is to go back to my tried and true method of lists (lists are comforting for me) and getting back to blogging regularly for the accountability and the amazing support and sometimes delusion shattering voices of the blog world. I am going to have to apply myself to get this completed but honestly I have to get it done if I hope to have any sanity left by the time honeymoon rolls around. The blog is also going to undergo a little change to make it a little more appealing and a lot more functional. Plus it will be more fun for me and that is always a plus!
So here’s to starting over, trying again, finding sanity, and all that other awesome stuff!


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