Thursday, March 29, 2012 | By: Kimmi

In Which “Start the Process” is employed and we talk about “Nerdists”

My brothers are awesome. Basically that is the very first thing you should know.
Secondly, they keep me up on the awesomeness of the world and what goes on in it while I am off in Wonderland.
Enter, “The Nerdist Way” by Chris Hardwick a super amazing book for anyone who suspects that they may in fact be a nerd. It is also an amazing book for those of us that over analyze…everything. Plus it is hilarious, which is always a bonus.
Am I a nerd? Um yes! Honestly I have no issues with this label. I mean come on….I own over 300 My Little Ponies, Geek out over Tokidoki characters, and still believe that FF7 is the most awesome game ever. In addition I quote Harry Potter, LOTR, and various other randoms all the time. However I hate Math. Hate it. Numbers are not my friends. Words=Good and Numbers=Bad. However even minus the math love I am a nerd.
Now the book is basically a guide or big book of suggestions if you prefer that is meant to help you use your nerdy brain to better help you in life instead of letting it keep you stuck in the same over analyzed and in my own personal case-paralyzed state. I tend to have issues making decisions for fear that I will make the wrong one, this is an entire section in the book and I cannot tell you how much better I felt knowing that other people out there deal with this. I am not the only person who can stare at Netflix for hours and watch nothing because I cannot commit! Huzzah!
One of my favorite parts is something that has been said before but for some reason seems a lot more manageable when Chris talks about it. “Start the Process” is basically the idea that you need to just start something. Stop stressing about if it is good enough or if it is perfect BEFORE YOU EVEN WRITE A WORD! (as a writer this is my big issue, I label things as “crappy” before I even put them on paper and therefore a lot of things don’t get written and I have empty notebooks laying around that annoy the fiancé a bit) You need to start the process and get things going. So what if the first draft sucks? That is why it is the “first” draft and not the final. No one ever has to see the first draft but you if you so choose. So go ahead and write crappy things, in fact just enjoy the fact that you can come up with the worst ideas ever! (After all would we have gems like Sharktopus if we didn’t have people that were okay with things that were ridiculous?) Own the awesomeness of your work whether it is in fact awesome or is in fact a complete mess.
Right now I am trying to use “Start the Process” I am getting back into blogging and writing without judging my work the moment I go to write it down. I am in fact writing off the cuff and finding that it is in fact very liberating and I am quite pleased with what has been forming on the page. Writing has always been my favorite and I tend to be fairly decent at it, but I always forget that. For some reason my brain can easily convince me that I have nothing to say and therefore should say nothing at all. This is complete crap when I think about it rationally.  However my brain is very rarely rational so therefore times when I hit this clarity are few and far between. 

So here's to starting the process, enjoying the work that I actually put down on paper/blog, and staying sane through planning the wedding.  Oh and here is some Tokidoki Love!!


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