Monday, April 2, 2012 | By: Kimmi

In Which I ramble a lot and lament the short weekend

40 days and counting!

Okay so I will try to not do that…the whole countdown thing…but it’s really hard. I’m excited, as anyone who knows me personally knows; you just can’t contain me when I’m excited.

So it’s Monday morning already. I am not sure what business the weekend was up to but it sure was in a hurry to get out of here. I feel slightly cheated at the shortness….but then again here shortly I’m taking off for several weeks so really who am I to complain?

The weekend was so busy that I didn’t really have the time to soak it in. Between date night on Friday and shopping/cleaning Saturday and the bridal shower yesterday…well it flew by. Friday night we saw Wrath of the Titans…it was just meh. I took several years of Greek mythology and thus it is really hard for me to deal with Hollywood remakes. Plus I fell asleep; I’m not good with all action and no plot. The fight scenes are so cut up and jumpy that I get bored with trying to figure out whom anyone is and where they are. I give it 2.5 out of 5 and only that because I do like the actors and my fiancé said he enjoyed it so therefore it is possible that I am just very biased.

Saturday was shopping for bridal party gifts and then some heavy cleaning of the house (bathrooms and laundry) since we have company coming in this upcoming weekend.

Sunday was the bridal shower. So who’s spoiled completely rotten and loving every minute of it? Um yes that would be THIS girl! I ended up with new pots and pans, all new towels, a gorgeous homemade apron, gift cards, picture frames, Rubbermaid storage, amazing corning ware with the travel case, handmade quilts….I mean seriously! This was just my bridal shower! And just the 1st one at that! It was madness of the best kind! Plus an amazing cake with a purple bow (my favorite color) and the most gorgeous flower arrangement that is now sitting on my dining table making my kitchen look very springtime. It was an amazing experience and I am very lucky to have such a great family.

However it is hard to get myself back in the swing of things, as the wedding gets closer the more I am focused on it instead of everything else. I will be glad when my braid is freed up to think about other things again!  Especially my writing, oh I will be so very very glad to get back to work on my book which I am taking a break from due to the wedding. I am still jotting down ideas when they come but I just can’t sit down and write yet. Nothing goes for longer than a few moments before I am thinking of the wedding to do list again. I have a stack of notes however so once I can this book is going to get some serious time devoted to it!

Okay now I need to get back to work and back to focusing on other things, Monday’s are so rough….

Anyone else feel shorted by the weekend? Is everyone else in the world this busy???


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